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Living History Demonstrations at Appomattox Center for Business and Commerce

Location: Appomattox
April 10, 2015
213 Industrial Park Ln
Appomattox, VA 24522
(434) 352-3910

Living Historians will be at each of six (6) unique demonstration stations to provide both education and entertainment to our visitors:

Station 1: Civilian Life -- Living Historians will recreate daily life during the final days of the Confederacy; sewing, laundry, herbalist, children's games and refugees telling their plight.

Station 2: Medical -- Doctors and/or nurses will be treating and caring for wounded, sick, malnourished and dehydrated soldiers.

Station 3: Confederate Soldiers (officers & enlisted) -- Soldiers will talk about life on the run while constantly fighting the enemy, all without adequate food and potable water. Includes weapons demonstrations.

Station 4: Union Soldiers (officers & enlisted) -- Soldiers will talk about life in pursuit with plenty of food and overwhelming numbers. Includes weapons demonstrations.

Station 5: Cavalry (Union and Confederate) -- Soldiers will discuss the use of horses and demonstrate cavalry actions.

Station 6: Sutlers (period merchants) will discuss the role they played in the war as they traveled with both armies stocked with items for purchase.

Admission fee applies. Reservations not needed. Event is located in the Appomattox Center for Business and Commerce and is accessible only via Route 26 (Oakville Road).

For any school group attending: Teachers and/or other school supervisory personnel, or parents, will stay with their respective students and children at all times to maintain order with our younger visitors.

Presented by the Appomattox Historical Society.

Hours: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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